Kindle Reading Experience

Please tell us about your Kindle reading experience.  Since the eReader is fairly new to our HHS Library program, your input will help with future planning.  What you share may also be of value to others at HHS.  

Here are some things you may want to consider ... have you read on an eReader before and, if so, how does the Kindle compare, which books did you read on the Kindle, how much time did you spend reading on the Kindle, how would you rate your reading experience and why, how was the Kindle similar to/different from reading a print book, what did you enjoy most about reading on the Kindle, what did you enjoy the least, would you want to read on a Kindle again and why/why not, what suggestions do you have for Amazon to improve the Kindle, what can our library do to improve the Kindle experience for you, etc.  Thank you!  Mr. Burger

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